Welcome to Poetry Brain!

You’re a student assigned to read Hamlet. You come across a line that confuses you. You click on it and instantly get a straightforward explanation, plus a broader interpretation that starts your mental wheels turning…

You’re the teacher who assigned Hamlet. You want your students to research and analyze it, but don’t want to stick them with the standard five-page paper. You guide them through a website that lets them annotate the text, line by line…

You’re an author looking for new ways to share your published poems. You show your fans a site where you’ve glossed them with your own commentary, which is partly candid, partly coy…

Welcome to Poetry Brain. We’re the brainchild of our parent site, Rap Genius, whose mission is to explain the entire universe of rap lyrics with the help of dedicated fans. Our goal is to do the same for classic literature, text by text, line by line. We’re building something unprecedented: an educational resource for teachers and students, a promotional platform for authors, and a thriving community for readers, all rolled into a single online library.

Our annotated texts are still hosted on the Rap Genius main site. Starting today, though, this blog will be Poetry Brain’s home base, from which we’ll announce updates, share links, and field reader suggestions. We’ll be posting each day, so bookmark us and check back often.

Want to learn more about Poetry Brain? Take a look at the About page. Have a question for us? Let us know. Ready to dive into some texts? Register at RG and get started.

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